Current Phase:
Exterior Closure
Office Tower: 55%
Hotel Tower: 75%
Podium: 100%
Foundation: 100%
3 Week View

Week of July 3rd 2017

GWB: Public Spaces, S07 and N23
Paint:  N23
Casework:  N20
Carpet:  N19
S.Tower Curtainwall:  E11

Week  of July 10th, 2017

GWB:  Public Spaces, S07 and N23
Paint:  N23
Casework:  N21
Carpet:  N20
S.Tower Curtainwall:  E11
Sitework:   King St Right of Way

 Week  of August 14th, 2017

GWB:  Public Spaces, S08, and N23
Paint:  N23
Casework:  N22
Carpet:  N22
S.Tower Curtainwall:  E16
Sitework:  Weller Street Phase IV, King St Right of Way




Current Activity

Week of August 14th

  • Terrazzo has been layed on L01 and L02 of the north tower lobbies. F F and E has been completed up to L05 in North Tower. All curtain wall faces except the southern face have been completed. Siteworkphase IV A between the site and Weller Street Bridge is complete, with the second half, phase IV B nearing completion. The South King Street sitework has begun, with canopies installed. 

Week of July 19th

  • Curtain wall on the South Tower continues to progress, with only a few floors left to install. Furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) has begun. Phase IV between the Weller Street Bridge and 255 S King is underway and nearing completion. The vehicle roundabout has been poured. The 18th floor flagpole has been erected. The main tower crane and manlift have come down. 

Week of June 19th

  • Preperation for the Atrium slab pour is now underway, and is scheduled for later this coming week. The West Plaza stair blockout has been completed. Preperations for the site crane to be taken down are commencing, and is slated for early to mid July. Both barn and entry doors to hotel units have been installed up to level 10 in the north tower. The exterior closure has been completed on the south tower for the west curtain wall. 40% of the south curtain wall has been completed. The pool deck storefront was completed earlier this week. 80% of the project's fire supression system has been installed. Gypsum wallboard continues to progress up from S07. Terrazzo installation in S02 is underway. 

Week of June 11th

  • The North tower finishes continue to progress, as preperations to install casework and carpet on the remaining floors are now underway. All finishes are complete in guestrooms on level 01 through level 06, awaiting FF and E which is planned to begin later this month. Curtainwall has been completed on the west side of the tower, with progress being made up to floor 11 on the eastern side. The roundabout at the buildings entrance is now halfway complete. Work continues on the plaza and the atrium; MER rough-ins have recently been completed, expansion joints have been installed, as well as the framing on level 01. The lobby on level 01 and level 02 is in the process of being primed. 

Week of May 22nd

  • The North Tower finishes are progressing on paint, wallpaper, cabinets, tile and carpet which are continuing to work their way up through the tower with activity on levels N15-N22.  Doors have been installed on the hotel units on levels through level 06, with hardware being installed this week on the lower floors.  The lobby level 01 and 02 has drywall and is preparing for primer.  Curtainwall at South Tower continues to make progress and is nearly complete on the West Elevation.  The Northwest corner of the South Tower will begin to receive curtainwall this week with modifications complete on the structural attachments. Curtainwall on the South Elevation of South Tower is nearly complete at the Ballroom and The Nest level 06 deck, with additional unitized units installed above level 07 and above The Nest bar.  The pool deck, level 06 deck and level 018 deck have been waterproofed.  The Level 07 swimpool is prepared for final cementitious finish coat with necessary materials on site.  Sitework has commenced on the West Plaza and the east driveway porte' cochere with all foam sub base material installed and graded.  The Street Improvement Plan application and necessary materials have been submitted to the Department of Transportation for commencement of all off site right-of-way work.

Week of May 1st

  • The North Tower finishes are underway with progress on paint, wallpaper, cabinets, tile and carpet being recognized on levels 014 through 018 respectively.  Doors have been installed on the hotel units on levels 03 and 04.  The lobby level 01 and 02 has drywall installed and is preparing for mud and tape.  The Atrium continues to make progress with ceiling, Monorail and insulation being installed this week.  Curtainwall at South Tower continues to make progress.  Currently, curtainwall has been installed on level 06 at the south and east.  progress has been made on the curtainwall on the westd and southwest elevations, with units installed up to level 013.  The pool deck, level 06 deck and level 018 deck have been waterproofed, with additional finish activities scheduled for the upcoming weeks.  Sitework has commenced on the West Plaza and the east driveway porte' cochere, with flatwork at the driveway tentatively planned for then next week.

Week of March 13th

  • The manlift on the North Tower had been removed over the weekend and the process of closing up the area it used to occupy will now begin.  The guestrooms continue to be built out at a steady pace and the basement floor has also begun preparation for interior work to start inside as well.

Week of March 6th

  • Curtainwall on the South Tower has begun to be installed.  The South Toewr penthouse is also nearing completion and the pool is currently undergoing it's waterproof test.  The North tower continues with guestroom interiors as we begin to finish up the finishes going into N03.

Week of February 20th

  • Curtainwall on the South Tower is slated to begin this week as work nears completion on top of the South Penthouse.  Interiors are still continuing within the North Tower and the 13 Coins TI has also started.

Week of February 6th

  • This week sees the South Tower Roof Penthouse continue to have the mechanical equipment installed.  In the North Tower drywall is being installed on N12 while Paint has reached N5.  Also, the atrium is beginning to have the first sets of curtainwall installed on the sky bridge.

Week of January 23rd

  • This week sees the beginning of the guestroom interior finishes being applied with painting and wallpaper happening on N03.  The Atrium is continuing to have the curtainwall frame installed as well while the South Tower Roof Penthouse is being constructed.

Week of January 9th

  • GWB is being hung on N08 and N09 with N07 now ready for finishes to start.  Guestroom finishes will kick off next week with paint beginning on N03.  The South Tower is currently in the process of having the mechanical equipment installed on the roof.

Week of December 5th

  • This week will see the finishing of the columns on S17 and then the beginning of forming the final floor on the South tower. The third floor in the North Tower will also finish having drywall hung and begin getting plaster on it.

Week of November 21st

  • Level 17S has begun being formed with rebar being laid in place later this week.  Drywall is also continuning to be hung within the third and fourth floors of the North Tower in anticipation for interiors to start.  It will be a short work week however due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Week of November 7th

  • Tower Crane 1 has finally come down this week, allowing us to close up that part of the building and begin filling in the ground section.  The itnerior of the hotel is being prepared for finishes within the guestrooms while the South Tower has Level 16 forms placed down.

Week of October 31st

  • Precast Panels on the North Tower have finished being hung and now TC-1 will begin the process of getting dismantled.  Architectural Metal Panels have fnished being installed on the West side and work will begin on the East side.  THe South Tower is up to Level 15 being prepped to be poured this week.

Week of September 19th

  • South Tower Level 11 will be poured the beginning this week and the beginning of Level 12 will be formed by the end.  Caulking of the Precast Panels will be up to Level 7 as the elevator shafts will be wrapping up doorway framing.

Week of September 5th

  • South Deck 10 will be poured along with its columns and core and then Deck 11 will begin to be formed.  Precast Panels are now being installed around Level 5 North and Punched Windows are installed on Levels 3 & 4 North.

Week of August 15th

  • Windows will begin to be installed on the 2nd Level of the North Tower this week.  The South Tower will see Level 9 finish getting ready in anticipation of being poured next week as well.

Week of August 8th

  • Level 8 South  is being poured this week.  In addition to that, the punched windows on the lower floors will begin installation as we make preparations to start getting levels ready to be dried in.

Week of August 1st

  • This week saw the first curtain wall being installed on the west side of the building.  Level 8 on the South Tower also has the final preparations made to have concrete poured early next week.

Week of July 18th

  • Level 8 South deck and transfer beams are continuing to be formed in preparation for rebar to start next week.  Caulking on the installed precast panels has also begun this week as well as the beginning of the cutrain wall.

Week of June 27th

  • Forming and rebar continue on Level South 7 as the erection of penthouse steel on the North roof also pprogresses.  This week we will also see the prefrabricated bathroom pods for levels 9 thrugh 14 come in and placed within the building.

Week of June 13th

  • This week the roof on the North Tower will finish the last amount of structural work as the penthouse steel is erected on the roof.  Level 7 South is also currently underway to be formed.   This floor will take more time than a normal floor due to having both the swimming pool and large transfer beams that need to be properly formed.

Week of May 23rd

  • Level 23N will be poured this week as rebar for the South Tower is laid down.  The manlift tower for the South Tower will also be going up as Pre-Cast Concrete Panels cotinue to get hung around the North side of the building.

Week of May 2nd

  • North Level 21 and South Level 5 East will be poured this week.  This week also marks the beginning of the installation Precast Concrete Skin that will wrap around various part of the the exterior.

Week of April 18th

  • This week we will be pouring both Level 4 South (East) as well as Level 19 North.  Forming and rebar will also continue for Level 4 South (West) in anticipation for it being poured next week.  Construction of the South Manlift pad will also start this week.

Week of April 4th

  • Level 18 North will be poured this week as Level 4 South undergoes forming and rebar.  Portions of the exterior framining are also going up along floors 5 through 8 of the North Tower.  This week the crane will also undergo a tie-in onto the North Tower in anticipation of jumping it the weekend afterwards to accomodate for the tower's growing height.

Week of March 21st

  • This week we will be pouring both Level 16 North and Level 3 South (West).  CMU continues to be installed throughout the first floor of the project as well as corridor framing within the North Tower.  The pre-assembled bathroom PODs are also going to be delivered this week.

Week of March 7th

  • North Tower Level 14 will be poured this week as the South Tower gets ready for it's pour next week.  CMU in the basement will be finishing up this week as well and moving onto the first floor.  Preliminary Metal Stud Framing is also progressing up through the floors of the North Tower and are currently at the 8th floor.

Week of February 22nd

  • North Tower Level 12 is being poured this week as preparation begins on getting South Tower Level 3 East formed and poured.  Corridor framing has also begun on North Levels 3 & 4.   

Week of February 8th

  • Work continues along on track with Level 10 in the North Tower to be poured this week.  Rebar is being set within the western section of the 2nd level for the South Tower as well as the CMU for the basement.  We have also begun Metal Stud Framing in the lower levels of the North Tower.

Week of January 18th

  • Work continues on the hotel decks and so does framing and MEP rough in on the lower floors.  The bulk of the MEP work is still down in teh basement as that is where most of the control rooms are located.  

Week of January 11th

  • There are many walls and columns that we need to pour before we continue decking the 2nd floor of the South tower and that will happen this week.  We are continuing with CMU and framed walls in the basement, we also have our manlift installed so we can stock the upper floors with material, these floors are starting to open up to other trades.

Week of December 28th

  • We have another short week with the new year holiday but we are installing rebar on both tower decks in preparation for pours next week.  We are still pouring misc concrete for the south tower that needs to happen before the next deck area can go up, we are also making good progress in the basement.

Week of December 21st

  • We keep moving along with the hotel tower, pretty soon we will be pouring a floor each week.  The basement is in full swing, there is a lot of activity down there building walls and installing mechanical and electrical equipment.

Week of December 14th

  • We are pouring the 5th floor of the hotel this week and also walls to get ready for the 2nd floor of the south building.  Work will start in the basement soon building walls now that the whalers have been removed.  Steel stud framing will begin after the CMU walls have started.

Week of December 7th

  • The Hotel tower is moving right along, the vertical work on the South tower is in progress, there are a lot of walls and columns to pour before we can start eh second floor deck, this one of the hardest floors for the South tower and once we pour level 2 the pace will start to pick up again.

Week of November 23rd

  • We have a week with Thanksgiving but that doesn't mean we aren't getting work done!  We have 2 pours scheduled this week, the 4th floor North deck is pouring on schedule and the last of the first floor deck pours is also happening.  It is a big step to get this first floor completed, it allows us to stop monitoring and reporting the city and it also allows us to remove the whaler bracing in the basement which will take a couple weeks, this needs to be removed before we can frame walls and set CMU block.

Week of November 16th

  • This week are basically continuing the work from last week, we still have some time before framing and other activities start but we are moving along quite well.

Week of November 9th

  • We are pouring the second to last section of the first floor deck this week.  The first floor is always one of the most complicated of the building because of the main lobby and all of the other amenities associated with it.  From a structural point of view getting the first floor completed and sealing in the garage is a major milestone of the project and allows us to start other scopes of work in the building.

Week of November 2nd

  • Level 3 on the hotel tower is pouring this week and we will be prefabbing deck tables that we will start jumping up for the upper floors.  At the same time the other trades are ramping up their crew size as more areas of the building open up and more work become available.  The South half of the first floor is fairly complicated in addition to being much larger, we are still going at the same pace as the North deck but it will start to lag behind as planned as we concentrate on the Hotel.

Week of October 26th

  • We are full steam ahead on the North hotel decks.  We are currently working on level 3 and soon we will start prefacing deck tables for the upper floors.  Once we get to the 8th floor everything is pretty much the same so it will go a lot quicker.  We poured the ramp down into the basement last week and now we can finish decking the rest of the 1st floor South.  It is a big step to get the first floor completed because it opens up a lot of work that follows and we can start prepping for interior construction.

Week of October 19th

  • The basement is all poured out and we are working on the 1st deck of the South tower.  Over on the North tower we have poured the 2nd deck and are forming and pouring columns before we start the 3rd floor deck.  Now that we are above the ground floor the sequencing will be the same from week to week, we will eventually get to a point where we are pouring a floor every week.

Week of September 28th

  • All of the underground plumbing is finished at this point and we will start the final grade on the last section of the basement.  The final pour on the first floor deck in the hotel area is also happenning this week and we will start going vertical at a pretty fast rate.  We are digging out and cutting the remaining sheet piles to grade in preperation for the 4th level 1 pour which is a small strip on the South end of the site.

Week of September 21st

  • Work continues on the multiple levels of the first floor.  There are many different floor heights and this requires a separate pour for each height, there are a total of 6 pours for the first floor, Pour #2 is happening this week and pour #3 is being prepped.  The basement requires 2 concrete slabs each, one on top of the other, the first for section #3 is this week with the second one to follow next week.  We are done with digging and exporting soils from the excavation, the only dirt work left at this point is digging trenches for drain lines and things like that, there are a lot of those in the final basement area so it will take a bit longer than the last section to complete but not too much longer.

Week of September 14th

  • Rebar for the first deck pour is wrapping up and we will pour the first section of the level 1 deck this week. Section #2 has also been formed and layout is currently happening with rebar to follow.  The underground work for the SW section of the basement is completed and rebar is being set for a slab pour next week, this will leave the 4th and last basement section which will pour at the end of the month and seal up the basement.

Week of September 7th

  • Now that the ramp is gone we are welding sheet pile, grading, waterproofing and forming pile caps in the SE Corner.  The first section of level 1 deck as been completed and the other trades are doing layout and installing various things prior to rebar which will be installed at the end of the week.  Underground work is still going on in the south section of the building to get ready for the next basement pour in a couple weeks.

Week of August 31st

  • The main goal for this week is to remove the rest of the dirt ramp in the SE corner of the project.  There are many tasks to complete in this area now that it will be clear, including pile caps, sheet pile welding, waterproofing, sand blasting and final grade.  While that is going on we are forming the 1st of 6 level 1 deck pours, there are 3 separate sections of the level 1 deck underneath the hotel tower and they need to be done 1 at a time.

Week of August 24th

  • We have all of the plumbing and electrical in for first basement slab pour.  The grading and rebar have been completed and we will be pouring concrete in the basement for the seal and structural slab and continuing for the next couple weeks under the Hotel portion of the tower.  At the same time we will be finishing the columns and walls for the office tower with grading and rebar to follow.  After the slabs in the basement are poured we will be cutting the tops of the sheet pile to the correct elevation for the first floor decks.  We still have to finish off the last of the earth work for the foundation where the ramp into the basement is but that is being removed as we speak.

Week of August 17th

  • Sandblasting Sheet Piles
  • Pour Pile Caps
  • Pour Concrete columns

Week of August 10th

  • Sandblasting Sheet Piles
  • Pour Pile Caps
  • Pour Concrete columns

Week of August 3rd

  • Pile Cap Excavation
  • Pour Pile Caps
  • Pour Concrete Columns

Week of July 20th

  • Pile Cap Excavation
  • Pour Pile Caps
  • Tower Crane Install

Week of July 13th

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • Pile Cap Excavation
  • Pour Pile Caps

Week of July 6th

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • Pile Cap Excavation
  • Pour Pile Caps

Week of June 29th

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • PIle Cap Excavation
  • Pour Pile Caps

Week of June 22nd

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • PIle Cap Excavation
  • Pour Pile Caps

Week of June 15th

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • PIle Cap Excavation
  • Pour Pile Caps

Week of June 8th

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • Pile Cap Excavation

Week of June 1st

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • Pile Cap Excavation

Week of May 25th

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • Pile Cap Excavation
  • Instal Tower Crane

Week of May 18th

  • Continue Pile Driving
  • Pile Cap Excavation 

Week of May 11th

  • Continue pile driving and foundation work
  • Install tower crane base

Week of May 4th

  • Continue pile driving

Week of April 27th

  • Pile driving mobilization and pile driving

Week of April 20th

  • Continue mass excavation and whalers

Week of April 13th

  • Continue mass excavation and whalers/tiebacks

Week of April 6th

  • Continue mass excavation and whalers/tiebacks

Week of March 30th

  • Continue mass excavation and whalers/tiebacks

Week of March 23rd

  • Continue mass excavation and whalers/tiebacks

Week of March 16th

  • Continue mass excavation & whaler/tiebacks

Week of March 9th

  • Continue mass excavation & start installing whalers & tiebacks

Week of March 2nd

  • Continue mass excavation

Week of Feb 23rd

  • Strip asphalt and start mass excavation

Week of Feb 16th

  • Continue driving 24" pipe piles

Week of Feb 9th

  • Continue driving 24" pipe piles

Week of Feb 2nd

  • Continue driving 24" pipe piles

Week of Jan 26th

  • Continue driving 24" pipe piles
  • Jan 28th - Feb 10th: install dewatering wellpoint system

Week of Jan 19th

  • Continue driving 24" pipe piles

Week of Jan 12th

  • Continue driving 24" pipe piles

Week of Jan 5th

  • Pedestrian walkway containers are now installed along S King St.
  • 24" diameter pipe pile driving have begun and are expected to continue until Feb 10th, with up to 10 piles per day productivity to complete 153 piles